Martin Mason

Twelve-year-old Martin Mason always thought he was a bit different, but when he turns invisible in the middle school bathroom he realizes just how different he really is. Martin has the Ability. He can manipulate the world with his mind. Invisibility, telekinesis, night vision–those are just a few of the things he can do.

There’s an entire world for people like him, but it isn’t what he expects. No wands, no broomsticks, no potions. Instead, he enters a world of weather control, robot servants, and self-driving cars. In school, he studies the math and science behind his abilities. For a fantasy and science fiction geek like Martin, it’s a dream come true.

But this world also has its dark side. Five years ago, its most brutal tyrant mysteriously vanished. His supporters remain at large, and they want to bring him back. Normally, that would be something for the adults to worry about, but Martin has always been a troublemaker. He likes to stick his nose in where it doesn’t belong.

This time, it’s going to get him in a lot of trouble.



Book 1: The Man in the Crystal Prison (currently drafting)

Book 2: The Assassin’s Secret

Book 3: The Battle Stone

Book 4: The Shadow Realm

Book 5: The Time Trap

Book 6: (no title yet)

Book 7: (no title yet)

Book 8: The True Heir

Book 9: The Death Game

Book 10: (no title yet)