World in Chains

An empire surrounded by impassable mountains. A people trapped within. A young woman who will do anything to free them.

Five hundred years ago, powerful magic sealed Emperor Darien Warrick inside a ring of mountains fashioned by his own magic. For five hundred years, his subjects have been trapped beside him. Some say he’s evil and these actions were necessary. Others say he’s a man willing to sacrifice anything for the greater good.

To young noblewoman Nadia, he is nothing but a murderer. On the day Warrick’s executioner takes her mother’s head, Nadia dedicates her life to one goal: killing Warrick. She spends her days training with the castle guard, her nights poring over the notes her mother left behind. In them, she finds the location of the only spell that can defeat the immortal sorcerer. But it feels too convenient. If she is to succeed in her quest, she must figure out Warrick’s true motivations.

For young woodsman Markis, Warrick is the man who owns him. Markis has spent his entire life training to become an Imperial Guard, but it’s a future he can’t stomach. However, it’s the only option he has, or at least the only sane one–until he meets Nadia.

Reformed thief Berig doesn’t care about Warrick one way or the other.  Berig would rather keep his head down and try to scratch out what meager living he can. But in a world like this, he’ll never get what he wants.

After all, Warrick has other plans.

Book 1: Empire of Chains (coming  Summer 2017)

Book 2: The Shadowed Land (First Draft Complete)

Book 3: The Gilded Empire (First Draft Complete)

Book 4: The Winds of Time (First Draft Complete)