The sun is dying. The world has turned to ice. Only the Sunlord can keep humanity alive.

Deril was supposed to be the next Sunlord, following in his father’s footsteps. But it doesn’t matter how much Deril trains. He is no savior, just an ordinary Sunweaver, powerful but useless.

Until the day that followers of a mad god kidnap his father. Now Deril might be the world’s best hope, but it will require allying himself with Fireweavers, people he’s always thought evil. He must gain their trust and learn to trust them in return. If he can’t overcome his own prejudice, his father’s captors will use his powers to free their god, Halarik, who will kill every Sunweaver alive.

Rella is a Fireweaver living in secret. When her powers are discovered, she must flee to the frozen wasteland Fireweavers call home. There, she’ll come face-to-face with her family’s darkest secrets and with the plot to free Halarik. She has the chance to stop it, but first she’ll have to decide if she can support Sunweavers, the people who executed her mother. The people who would do the same to her without a thought.

Kadin is Lightless. He has no Sunweaving or Fireweaving talent. Sold into slavery by his abusive father, he struggles to survive under his cruel master. But when Kadin manifests the strange ability to extinguish the plantation’s magical Sunlamps, he begins to suspect he is not as powerless as he once thought. In fact, he may be the next Sunlord. He may even be the key to stopping Halarik’s return–but only if he first conquers the anger and darkness within him.

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