Update: Why I haven’t been writing.

Sorry that I haven’t been blogging (or doing any writing for that matter). Last Thursday, my dad nearly died. He’s been in the ICU for over a week now. For the moment, he’s stable, but it hasn’t been a quick recovery. I hope he’ll be out of there soon. At some point, we’ll have to help him through his recovery, so I may not be updating this blog all that often.

It also means I might be putting my self-publishing plans on hold. I’ll see how things go with his recovery (and pray that he does indeed recover). He’s seventy-two years old, so he isn’t getting any younger. And it really was a close call. The condition he had, even with treatment, is fatal in seventy percent of cases.

With all my worries (and all my trips to the hospital), I haven’t exactly felt up to writing.

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