Finished an Editing Pass (and other updates)

Sorry haven’t updated recently. Things have been a bit up and down for me on the writing front (and in my life in general). When I sink into a depressive mood, I tend to devalue my writing and think that I’ll never find any success in self-publishing.

Today, the mood I’ve been in recently seems to have lifted a bit. I was able to finish an editing pass of Empire of Chains. It isn’t quite ready yet, but it keeps getting closer.

Once again, I’m feeling good about the book. I think my next editing pass will focus on adding in necessary description and cutting down on some excess internal thoughts, especially during fast-paced scenes.

I’m excited to see how people react to Empire of Chains. I’m also excited that I’ve written first drafts of the next two books. At the moment, there’s still a lot going on in life. I’m not always able to get words written every day, but editing is often easier because there are already words to work with.

That being said, I do plan on getting back to writing Book 4 soon. I hit a block in the last couple of weeks, but I’m still excited about concluding the series.

After that, I have my Sunweaver series and God War series to work on. The first book of Sunweaver is in about the same shape as Empire of Chains (that is, it’s almost ready). The first book of the God War series doesn’t have a definite title yet, and it still needs more editing work before it will be ready. I anticipate both of those series being trilogies, though that could be subject to change.

I also have quite a few more books waiting to be written. Not sure what I’ll get working on next.

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