Book Review: Ghost Story by Jim Butcher

Since this is the thirteenth book in The Dresden Files, there will probably be some spoilers in this review. However, I will start out with some general observations about the series.

First and foremost, The Dresden Files is quite possibly the most entertaining series I’ve ever read. I’m generally more of an epic fantasy fan, but this urban fantasy series is one of my favorites. In reality, everything Butcher writes is great for me. I also loved his Codex Alera series and the first book in his Cinder Spires series.

What makes this series so great? For me, it’s two things: the nearly nonstop action and the voice of our narrator, Harry Dresden. That combination makes these stories a whole lot of fun. Butcher is a master of putting Harry in worse and worse situations, and it’s so much fun to figure out how he’s going to wriggle his way out of them. There are also some truly amazing scenes in this series (like Harry riding a reanimated dinosaur through the streets of Chicago).

The quality of the series is not quite as high at the beginning. It took Butcher a while to get into his groove. The first few books are merely good, while the rest are downright great. The last three have been some of my favorites.

And that brings me to Ghost Story.


All right, you’ve been warned.

This one begins after the cliffhanger at the end of Changes, and we find out that Harry is dead. Now he’s a ghost, which makes things all the more interesting. For the entire series, he’s been in over his head at times, but it’s still the world he’s familiar with. Being a ghost in this one brings in an entirely new set of challenges and limitations, and that’s part of what makes this story so great to read. It’s different from the rest of the series, which I suppose could be polarizing among fans. Personally, I felt it was a nice change of pace.

Overall, I really enjoyed this one. It wasn’t quite as good as Turn Coat and Changes (my favorites), but it came very close.

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