Progress Update

With school starting back up, I have not been writing as consistently as I’d like. Hopefully things should settle down soon, once I figure out the right schedule to maximize my productivity. I’ve still been doing some editing, and I finished the third draft of The Shadowed Land. I anticipate one more draft and then the proofread.

I need to get back to writing Godchild. I’d like to have both it and the final book in the trilogy, Endlord, done by March (just the first drafts).

I’m also fighting that insane writer’s urge to write other things. I may work some on The Broken Sky, as it’s a project I’ve been excited about for a long time.

At this point, in my writing career, there’s still a lot of trial and error when it comes to writing productivity. As of now, I expect to keep to my release schedule.

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