Progress Update

I’m calling this a progress update, but I have to admit there hasn’t been a lot of progress lately. I’m still working on the proofread of The Shadowed Land, but I’m not making much progress anywhere else. Life is getting in the way. Between school and work and family commitments, I’m struggling to make the time to write or edit.

I’ve also come to the realization, once again, that I keep putting too much pressure on myself as far as my release schedule goes. Ideally, I’d like to release a book every three months or so, and if I were writing full time, I could probably do that no problem, but I have a lot of other commitments, and I don’t want to rush my releases and put out an inferior product.

To take some of the pressure off myself, I have taken down my page detailing my release schedule. Putting dates, even tentative dates, on my releases has led to a lot of anxiety, and I don’t need that right now. I’m still going to work hard to get my books out there for my readers, but I’m not going to pressure myself into any specific dates until I know I can release the book by that date.

I’m hoping that this can actually increase my productivity. I have to admit I’m still working my way through how to do this whole “writing career” thing. There’s a lot to learn, and I hope I still have a lot of growth left.

Thank you for your patience as I work my way through these things.

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