Finding a release schedule that works.

I’ve been writing a lot recently about finding the balance I need to be successful in writing and also with life in general. I wanted to do four or more releases a year, but I just don’t think that’s going to work all the time. My books are fairly long, so there’s a lot of writing and editing work involved.

When I considered this issue, I decided I’d aim for a release roughly every four months, or three releases per year. Life is busy right now, but I think I can make that work. I’ve already written eight and a half novels. That means I can focus mostly on editing those novels, and four months seems a reasonable amount of time to get those edits done to my satisfaction (while also having the time to write some new material).

A lot of self-published writers these days have insane release schedules. Maybe I’ll be able to do that someday, but right now, there’s no way I can make writing a full-time thing. I have to accept that I have limitations, and pushing myself too hard will result in burnout and worse writing.

Obviously, if I have a book ready before I reach the four-month point, I won’t have any problem releasing it earlier than anticipated. This will depend on how things are going with new material as well.

Overall, I’m feeling my way through how to manage a writing career on top of school and work and family commitments. I feel like this four-month-release plan is a good compromise. It’s not too far from what I wanted to do, and it gives me enough time to avoid high stress levels.

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