An Update: Depression, Writing, and a Free Book.

I haven’t been on here nearly as much as I should be. I’ve recently struggled through a bad period of depression. It feels like it might finally be lifting, but I can never be sure.

Through the depression, I’ve been making slow progress with the revisions for The Winds of Time. I wanted to have it out at the start of September, but it’s not within two weeks of being ready, so I’m going to have to push that date back. Again.

I need to remind myself that there’s nothing wrong with taking five months between releases. Most trade-published authors go a year or more between releases. It’s more the crazy state of self-publishing that encourages you to churn, churn, churn. When I’m not going through a depressive phase, I feel like I can do that, but then the depression hits, and my productivity slows to a crawl.

It’s a bit of a vicious circle for me. When I’m depressed, I don’t write. When I don’t write, I get more depressed. If I’m not careful, that turns into a downward spiral.

So I’m starting with baby steps, both in writing and in other aspects of life. I force myself to do just a little bit more than I want to do each day. That way, I can start feeling more productive, which helps alleviate my depression, but I can do it without putting too much on my plate.

Now that all the depression talk is over…

I don’t know if I mentioned it on here, but Empire of Chains is now free on Amazon (and elsewhere). I still need to get the other books in the series published on the other sites. Thanks to my depression, I haven’t made it through that yet. It shouldn’t be too hard, though, once I get started.

Sunweaver, the first book in my other series, is a participant in the Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off, and it is still free for Kindle Unlimited members.

I will probably try to outline my tentative release schedule in the next post.

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