I think I’m finally going to take the plunge.

I’m sorry that I’ve been absent over this last month. I started back at school, and it’s taken me a while to adjust to the new demands on my time. I’ve also been doing a lot of back and forth in my mind about self-publishing (and about writing in general). I kept toying with the idea of rewriting some of my books. But now I’ve come to an important realization. The reason I keep wanting to rewrite my books is because I’m afraid of putting them out there.

But I have to remember that I’ll never know what might happen if I never gather the courage to publish. Even if I do fail at first, I have plenty of ideas waiting to be written. It’s not like I won’t have another chance.

So now I’m focusing on some final edits of my epic fantasy Sunweaver. I also need to find a good cover artist and write up a blurb that will hopefully make people want to read the book.

I’ll be posting some updates in the coming weeks, and I’ll try to get a page about Sunweaver up on the blog.